Monday, January 01, 2001

hiyas kiddies, this is what i would like to bitch about today. AOL. when i first got aol a year ago i thought "bad ass" well that is because it was the first internet service that i had ever had. so i am still kinda new to the web. now a year later i dont have AOL anymore due to their fuck up. it was always fucking up (i guess also becuase that i have a peice of shit computer). but it fucked up so many times that i wanted to smash my fucking computer to bits. im sure all of you AOL'ers that are reading this know what i am talking about. if you go into chat rooms (yeah i know you do because i was the same way when i first got AOL) you can notice that people have screen names that are in lower case letters aka icased screen names. now if you know how to change your AOL screen name you know that the first letter is automaticly capitalized. well some people learned that you can go around it and it is no very hard at all and i know of 2 diffrent ways that you can do it. you can also make your screen name indented aka ident. i dont have any fucking idea how those little AOL'ers found that exploit. and also i have seen screen shots of people that have made thier screen names one character and that one character is a fucking number! now thats one big ass computer nerd. yeah its cool nowdays to be a computer nerd. since love doesnt exist anymore and women go for the man with all the money,all the fuckers that we're nerds in high school now got all the girls that i jack off to all the time. and that just pisses me off. anyways i think ima stop the bitch for a while and see if there is any porn on tv. layta -tYe

1-2-01 [2:30am]

hiyas kiddies. how was everyone's day? mine was just a day same ole' same ole'. man it sux ass that tommarow is my last day of x-mas break. man that sux! i wish it was summer again. well i kinda take that back because i worked my ass off with a buch of smelly ass mexicans during it. yes i was a carpenter and i got 8$ a hour for it. not that it was to bad its just that everyone was always bitching at everyone. and not to mention all the fighting. mexicans cant get along for shit, allthough i thought some of them were pretty bad ass.enough about that talking about mexicans is making me hungery for taco bell.

my day started off shitty because i woke up at 8am and there wasnt shit on tv and i was having a severe nicotine attack. there aint shit on tv on mondays exept for some fat people that are trying to sell a exercise machine that helped them loose some weight. if you ask me, the best way to loose weight is to get up off yer ass and do something. but that takes effort so fuck that idea. so after that i got a call from my freind asking me if i wanted to go with him to get his expection sticker on his car renewd. the reason i said now is because IT IS FUCKING NEW YEARS DAY! damn, he is my freind and all but sometimes i wonder if he uses his head. well i think ima end short tonight cuz i got 50 fucking IM on my screen. layta -tYe